Our Work

TARG is a new and growing organization working to streamline and coordinate the ongoing recovery process to insure that the current needs of the communities impacted by the flood are met.   We know that some of residents have already moved, some are waiting buy-out living in temporarily rebuilt or  gutted homes.  Some residents have already rebuilt their homes while permitting for others is being complicated by FEMA and City requirements. While there is much to be resolved for both families and communities TARG is focusing on:

Advocacy and Engagement:  Working with residents and community groups to have a voice in the recovery effort with the city and county to insure that there is a strong recovery plan.

A consolidated Case Management system as a way to address remaining unmet needs.  We are working with the City of Austin, the Austin Disaster Relief Network and other organizations who have been supporting flood affected families to better coordinate care among professional, trained or licensed social workers whether that be in the city or the county.

Volunteer Coordination – TARG will be organizing volunteer weekends to help residents with whatever they might need.  If you need volunteers email:  info@targetingrecovery.org    Our goal is to have both skilled labor and unskilled people who can just come on on dedicated weekends.

Construction/Rebuilding Support: working with Austin Disaster Relief Network, Christian Aid Ministries and the Austin Home Repair Coalition we hope we can get your home liveable again.

Un-Met Needs Table:  once our case management system has exhausted all available resources, they can bring your “case” to an unmet needs table where many of the current partners come together to address how to meet whatever that unmet need may be.

Donations: TARG is working with area business, national organization, local non-profits  and other groups to find the resources whether it be donated goods, appliances, construction materials or more.

Fundraising:  It will take money to make our communities whole.  The City,  County and non-profits have provided some resources for recovery but it is not enough.   TARG will engage in fundraising as needed to get the work done.   We encourage other groups who are raising money, organizing benefits, offering grants consider making TARG a beneficiary of that work.

Public Information and Education:  TARG is working  to set up the communication systems needed to keep affected residents and the city as a whole updated and informed about what is going on in the recovery effort. WE are using social media, text alert systems, announcement list and more.

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