Monthly Archives: May 2016

Thoroughbred Farms Flood Relief

The Thoroughbred Farms neighborhood located in Travis County was one of the many neighborhoods hard hit by the 2015 floods. No structure in that neighborhood was left untouched by the flood.  TARG was honored to spearhead a debris cleanup in this neighborhood.

The first weekend was March 13, 2016.   Keep Austin Beautiful sponsored us with supplies/tools and recruiting volunteers, including several members of the local Sierra Club.  We were able to totally file one donated dumpster and burn numerous piles of wood debris under a strict controlled burn.

We were able to complete the cleanup of that neighborhood on April 10, 2016.  Travis County provided 10 dumpsters with the City of Austin providing another.  Also, the Travis County jail week-end inmates program provided over 50 people to assist.  By the end of that day, all trash piles of the October flood were in the containers.  Neighbors pitched in and one neighbor used his own bob cat to help in the clean-up.  One destroyed home was demolished and other residents mowed and trimmed trees.

Thanks to all who helped to complete this task.