COA Watershed Department Updates

Corps Project Funding

Funding was designated to be shared 35% locally and 65% federally. The U.S. Congress authorized the project in 2007, but federal funding was not approved until March 2014. As a result, the City has spent more than its 35% share.

In March 2014, $11.8 million in federal funding was approved for the City and Travis County. The details of the partnership agreement will be worked out by August.


  • Recovery Buyout Program: Includes the buyout of 116 homes in the project area. The process is ongoing, with 114 offers made and 92 closings as of July 2, 2014.
  • Remaining Corps of Engineers Buyouts: 44 properties remain in the project area. The recent federal funding may be used to begin these buyouts. It may not be enough to buy all the properties this year. Property owners will be contacted directly by us as funding becomes available for their properties.
  • Certifcates of Obligation: Includes the buyout of approximately 140 homes outside the Corps project area. Property owners will be contacted directly by us.
  • Outside the Project Area: Approximately 230 structures in the area of William Cannon and Pleasant Valley Roads remain at risk of flooding in a 100-year storm outside of these buyout areas. We are diligently pursuing funding to buy out these houses. Call 512-974-2843.



City staff and HDR Engineering are working together on the real estate transactions for the buyouts.

Report suspicious activity to 911. For non-emergency security concerns, call Leticia Campa, APD District Representative, at 512-974-5490.

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